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Specializing in forest industry careers since 1985

Suite 211 - 3030 Lincoln Avenue
Coquitlam, British Columbia,
Canada, V3B 6B4
Telephone : 604-942-1314
Email : colinc@clasenrecruiting.com

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dot There is NO COST to the candidate looking for employment. Fees are paid by the employers.

dot All enquiries are kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and your resume is sent to specific opportunities only with your prior permission.

dot Resumes will be kept on file PERMANENTLY for those candidates with experience and/or education directly related to the forest industry.

dot Please EMAIL or MAIL YOUR RESUME, since they are of much better quality than faxed resumes. Include enough details about your employment history to make it obvious to a prospective employer how your skill-set relates to their present requirements. This includes details about your job responsibilities and details about your employers, such as size of operation, types of products, level of technology, types of equipment and other details you think will make your resume more interesting. Be sure to list any achievements. Employers like to see well-organized, informative resumes. Content is much more important than fancy paper or bindings.

dot A list of relevant EMPLOYMENT REFERENCES is very important in making it easier for an employer to hire you. The list should include names, titles, companies, phone numbers and a one-liner clearly indicating the length and nature of your business relationship. Immediate superiors are the most preferred references and the relevance of a reference is determined by how long and how recently they have known you.

dot In your covering letter, please CLEARLY INDICATE YOUR PREFERENCES for type of employment, where you are prepared to relocate to and what your minimum salary requirement is. This information will ensure that you are only contacted about positions and locations that are of interest to you.

Please phone Colin Clasen at 604-942-1314
or email to colinc@clasenrecruiting.com

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